Natural keratin protein facial masks


Anti-pollution protective mask


An anti-pollution mask which protects the skin from urban pollution and UV insult whilst improving skin moisturization, when used as part of a morning routine.


Functional Keratin® forms a sacrificial layer

This is achieved by providing a sacrificial shield of Functional Keratin® to form a film which absorbs and neutralizes the effects of environmental insult, in preference to the skin's own sensitive outermost keratin layer.

Using a high natural cystine content for protection, a combination of absorption of oxidizing pollutants and scavenging or radicals formed by UV radiation, allows Functional Keratin to offer unique protection.


Functional Keratin hydrate and protect from moisture loss

Skin is moisturized by the dual action of Functional Keratin. The peptide penetrates and hydrates the skin whilst film-forming keratin protects from surface moisture loss.




  • Forms protective film as sacrificial shield
  • Neutralizes urban pollutants through unique protein composition
  • Scavenges radicals generated by UV exposure
  • Increases skin moisture by 23%
  • Repairs cell metabolism
  • Repairs skin barrier



Acute mask


An acute healing mask which accelerates skin healing following injury incurred by dermatological treatments such as chemical peels, IPL and microdermabrasion.


Functional Keratin® specifically activates injured keratinocytes to encourage faster healing


The established wound healing active Functional Keratin specifically activates injured keratinocytes, encouraging them to heal faster and produce more structural proteins – collagen IV and collagen VII – leading to faster healing and more robust skin outcome. Inclusion of aloe vera helps soothe injured skin. The mask reduces further inflammation and reduces redness while repairing the skin barrier function.


  • 25% Faster healing
  • Better healing arising from increased collagen IV and VII production
  • More robust skin structure
  • Reduces skin inflammation
  • Repairs skin barrier




Chronic mask


A chronic repair mask to rebuild skin structure following long term exposure to environmental insult, daily pollution damage and regular cosmetic and dermatological treatments.


Functional Keratin® kickstarts healing

The chronic wound repair active, Functional Keratin, establishes healthy keratinocyte growth, kickstarting healing following chronic injury and rebuilding skin structure.


Functional Keratin moisturizes and reduces skin redness

Functional Keratin reduces skin redness by decreasing the production of inflammatory mediators in the skin. Moisturization of skin is also significantly increased by Functional Keratin. The mask further enhances collagen synthesis to support skin structure and boost skin cell defense systems damaged through long term insult.


  • 27% Improvement in skin smoothness
  • 25% Reduction in wrinkle depth
  • 23% Increase in skin moisturization
  • Enhance collagen synthesis
  • Increase skin cell defenses




As close to human keratin as you can get


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